About WEFC

Foundation of World Education Fair Canada (WEFC) has been inspired by the directors of two well-profound companies in the international education market in Toronto: iae GLOBAL (iae Eduhouse) Ltd. and Canada Point , representing different countries across the globe bringing Korean, Saudi Arabia, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese and Vietnamese students to Canada. 

The whole idea behind the World Education Fair Canada (WEFC) is to maximize the outcome of the meetings of the Colleges and Universities, as well as of language schools, with the prospective international students who are in Canada by organizing the pre-screening of the students and assistance with the academic programs selection for them following by one-to-one meetings of the educational institutions representatives and the students. 

Next Virtual WEFC
Time: 26, 27 and 28 January

Schedule: https://bit.ly/32WYlBM

Time: based on our schedule

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